Gamemaker Prototypes

This section is very outdated. It’s still here for nostalgia reasons only.

I made these prototypes back in 2009 during the course TDDD23 “Computer game design and programming” at the Institute of technology in Linköping. I worked together with my friend Björn Falke. We were to make a scrolling shooter, an adventure game and a little larger game of any kind. The development time was restricted to a couple of weeks per game. I made most of the programming and Björn paid more attention to the graphics.


My twist on a scrolling shooter. I wanted to turn things around and make a shooter in which you cannot shoot. Instead, your task is to fly your helicopter and drop food and supplies to civilians on the ground, while trying to dodge the enemy fire from the evil guys on the ground. I paid a lot of attention to some (possibly unnecessary) details in this game. The enemy have limited ammo and reloads the rifles, there is some physics going on in the helicopter and so on. Ideas from automatic control theory was implemented in the helicopter control and the enemies’ homing missiles.



A classic “solve the puzzle” adventure game. You play as the two aliens Green and Green, who are trying to repair their crashed space ship. We worked a lot with humor and storytelling to create a good atmosphere. It was a fun challenge to create a story for such a minimalistic and short game. The graphics come from Nintendo games.


Cows ‘n’ Carrots

Our final project for the course. You play as the farmer Dmitry, who is trying to supply a field hospital with food. I focused a lot on the animal AI in the game. They react to events in the world, get scared, hungry, in love and so on, and act autonomously. They eat the grass that slowly grow up again. This game would need some more content and polish to become good, but it’s a neat prototype with a lot of work put in. A lot of classic RTS-problems had to be solved, like A* pathfinding and such.