These are the shipped titles in which I am credited.

Sky Knights

A 4 vs 4 multiplayer flight game with a top-down view. It’s under development during my free time and features synchronous multiplayer, some really sweet flight physics and a bunch of other features. For the alpha, I made a launcher to this game that automatically updates the game to the latest version every time it’s started, which made play testing very smooth. The game is now released on Steam.

Angry Birds 2

I started working for Rovio shortly after the opening of the Stockholm office. With a very small team, I was the sole programmer during the prototyping phase, making all the gameplay fundamentals upon which the game stands on today. I have worked on the project from the first day of development until launch, credited as lead gameplay programmer. It has been a huge and interesting challenge and responsibility developing a successor to the world’s most downloaded mobile game.

Bionic Commando: Rearmed 2

I worked on this project at Fatshark during 2010. I was handed tasks in most aspects of gameplay reaching from weapons and enemy behaviour to GUI. This project was an important milestone for me as it was the first big title in which I contributed to a major part of the code.


Lead & Gold

I did my thesis at Fatshark during the time when Lead & Gold was released. For the first few patches, I contributed with a handful of bugfixes as well as some smaller new features. I am very grateful for the opportunity I got as a junior developer to contribute to a “real” game for the first time in my life.


Webike: Home Edition

Webike is a PC game made for fitness exercise with an exercise bike. It’s bicycle race game made in Unreal Engine 3. This was my first project at Wemotion. It’s sold in a bundle with an exercise bike from Casall.


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